Order Personally Autographed Photos of Jacqueline Scott


8" x 10" Black & White - $20 (U.S. Dollars)

To obtain an autographed 8" x 10" black & white Photo of Jacqueline Scott, choose from those that are displayed on the various site pages -- each is numbered. Include a note with the number(s) of the photo(s) and a stamped and self-addressed envelope. Enclose $20.00 for each photo you want autographed. If you purchase 3 or more photos, they will cost $15.00 each. If you have your own photo of Jacqueline, she will be glad to autograph it. The fee for that will be $10.00 plus postage. NO BLANK CARD SIGNATURES. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. If the fee is not enclosed we will, reluctantly, have to return or discard your materials. Please address all mail to:

Scott Photos
P.O. Box 46220
Los Angeles, CA 90046



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